TJCC Case Management

TJCC Case Managers provide supportive and collaborative relationships with participants and assist in identifying, locating, and applying for services for people while they are incarcerated and after they have been released from Denver County and Denver Downtown Detention Center jails. Every individual comes to TJCC with different needs and TJCC case managers create an individual plan with each client to support them in their transition to the community with the overall goal of reducing their likelihood of going back to jail.

  • Individual Case Management Services – include but are not limited to goal setting, planning, budget planning and financial literacy, resource management, providing hygiene items, housing resources, free STI/HIV testing and connection to other programs and supports, ADA advocacy  referral management for mental health counseling, substance use counseling, psychiatric medication, peer support, employment, parenting groups, child support monthly payment assistance, gender and identity specific support, Veterans programs, educational programs, trade skills, vocational schools and programs, family attorney’s, support groups, Medicaid, SNAP benefits, GED programs, hygiene services, clothing and food.

  • Benefits Management – assist clients with connecting to a SSI and SSDI attorney.

  • Transportation – RTD bus tickets for the client to be able to report to appointments, interviews and to the job site.

  • Supportive Services