The vocational rehabilitation specialist will perform complex professional work in the consultation and monitoring of the individual’s case. 

Vocational Development Include:

  • Guidance – Advice on how to traverse through the job market

  • Counseling – Tip’s and tricks of the trade, how to interview

  • Client Training – Identifying challenges to job placement and overcoming barriers

  • Specialized Job Placement – Skillset assessment

As a vocational job specialist, we provide intensive Vocational Rehabilitation Services, including but not limited to job coaching, evaluation, counseling, guidance, and referral to resources, and Services to family members and caregivers. We also prepare Functional Assessments of clients to identify strengths in relation to living, current skills, learning ability, work history, and social skills. As a vocational specialist, we also schedule, coordinate, and obtain individualized employment opportunities for clients. A vocational specialist will also schedule job interviews for clients. We also provide aide and encouragement to clients to explore vocational goals, strengths, and problems. We maintain collaboration with Participating Agencies and be current with benefits. We place a predetermined number of clients in permanent, integrated work-setting, unsubsidized, part-time or full-time employment, or in approved educational programs. Placement performance goals will be established annually and evaluated annually. We also provide those clients with individualized employment opportunities based on job preferences. Job Interview and Individualized Employment Opportunity performance goals will be established annually and evaluated quarterly.

Along with these and other services we provide a robust range of employment opportunities that must fit within the local labor union laws and comply with safety regulations from OSHA and other protective affiliated agencies. We also ensure employer contact is made within one month of referral and is based on consumer job choices, preferences, strengths and/or symptoms for follow-ups.

Additional vocational rehabilitation specialist responsibilities may include evaluating client work capacities, providing assistive technology services and administering tests to determine vocational aptitudes, interests, abilities, and potential of clients. Essentially our function and role is to eliminate financial constraints when it comes re-acclimating to society.