The Vocational Specialist will provide intensive help to identify skills, strengths, interests, and goals to create an individualized employment plan. The Vocational Specialist’s goal is to provide you with employment that meets your current need but also help you reach your dream job!

Vocational Services Include:

  • Guidance – Advice on how to traverse through the job market
  • Counseling – Tip’s and tricks of the trade, how to interview
  • Client Training – Identifying challenges to job placement and overcoming barriers
  • Specialized Job Placement – Skillset assessment

Along with these and our other services, we provide a robust range of employment opportunities!

Additional Vocational Specialist responsibilities may include evaluating client work capacities, assisting with technology barriers and administering tests to determine interests and/or abilities.

Essentially our function and role is to eliminate financial constraints when transitioning back into the community!